Dinner Church.Dinner

Eating a meal together is a pretty familiar thing in churches. 


But a dinner church service is different because we recognize both the meal and the conversation AS as part of our worship.

August 19 is a special Sunday. We are going to be celebrating Homecoming and we'll start with "singing" in the sanctuary at 10:00 o'clock.


Sometime around 11:30, we'll go downstairs to enjoy our wonderful covered dish dinner, and to  talk, laugh, remember, and in that wonderful time together with each other, experience God at the table with us.

Here is the order of Worship. Remember: it starts at 10 am!


Prelude                                                                   Tim Robinson

Hominy Valley Men's Choir  


*Hymn                 “Victory in Jesus”                         Hymn #370; all verses

Hymn                    “Sweet Hour of Prayer”              Hymn #496; first, last

Choir                “Leaning on the Rock” 


Favorite Memories                                                 Dean and Elizabeth

Hymn                    “Blessed Assurance”                  Hymn #369; first, last

Choir                     “I must Tell Jesus”                       

Hymn                    “It is Well with My Soul”              Hymn #377; 1,3,4

Favorite Memories                                                  Congregation

Choir                     “Heavenly Celebration” 


*Hymn   “There’s Within My Heart a Melody” Hymn #380

Favorite Memories                                                  Linda Barefoot

Offering and Offertory                                             

      * Doxology

*Passing of the Peace  


Thank Bank                                                               Randall Pike

Scripture                                                                    John 6:29

Sermon            “There’s No Place Like Home”          Pastor Dianne 


*Hymns                 “He Touched Me”                         Hymn #367; all

                              “Old Rugged Cross”                     Hymn #504; all


Move to Fellowship Hall 


*We invite you to stand as you are able.


We will take a water break just before 11:00 o’clock