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The 20/20 from 2019

I know it is best to live in the moment, but sometimes you want to lift your eyes from the path and look toward the point you are heading towards.

Today is the second day of a brand new year, 2019. I have made resolutions in years past, but they have been half-hearted and self serving... at best.

This year when when my daughter asked me if I had made any resolutions I said “no.” I am old enough that I really don't want to pretend I find any merit in making lukewarm wishes or promises.

In the seconds that followed that “no,” I realized that wasn’t quite right. God has been steadily moving my heart to consider how much money I am spending on myself. I seem to be confronted every day with the abundance of stuff I own that is causing stress in my life, compared to many people I am beginning to know and see who don't have the basic necessities in their lives. Food, shelter, clean water, ...love and acceptance.

So, I corrected myself to Christy. "Uh, wait a minute. I did make a new promise to God. Does that count as a resolution?" She laughed.

"I know that I tend to spend my money on trivial day to day stuff...especially on Amazon where it is so easy to think I NEED something, and then end up buying a cart full of stuff by the end of the week. So I decided I was going to put things in the cart, and just purchase things once a week. And I am going to be a lot more careful about frittering my money away on me, and I am going to pray over every purchase before I make it."

The bank app I use informs me at the end of the checking account page how I manage my money. It tells me whether I spend more or less than what I earn. It is not at a good ratio right now, but I am committed to improving it this year.

All of us have somewhere we can improve, and I urge you to look at your life right now with 2020 vision. Through God's subtle and amazing power within us, we can change the world. One decision at a time.

Look up from your feet. Focus your heart and mind on the things God is saying you can achieve.

Drop me a note and let me know what you are going to try to accomplish. Its a lot easier to do it once you have said and named it. No goal is too big or too small.

After all, if I can get my run away Amazon cart under control...

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